A new premium strawberry for the winter season:
full flavour, mouth-watering appearance and an
extended shelf-life.

Calinda in my store
from December till June

A new premium strawberry for the winter season

Intense, sweet flavour

Sweet, Juicy, fragrant, a lingering aftertaste... Calinda's well-developed cone-shaped fruits have a high Brix value which they maintain throughout the whole season, unlike other varieties. This brand-new strawberry features an appealing long-lasting sheen - even after refrigerated storage- and an elegant conical shape.

Extended shelf-life

Calinda‘s durability has been specially developed to suit the most demanding European trade channels. And daily supply throughout the entire growing season is guaranteed by carefully selected and instructed Mediterranean growers. Its excellent shelf life is unmatched, guaranteeing that Calinda strawberries will arrive in perfect condition at all destinations within Europe.

Integrated Supply Chain

The chain's specialists partners have joined forces to bring this innovative product to market, offering an outstanding and distinctive retail concept. Our on-going presence in the growing region ensures superior quality control. Effective tracking and tracing does the rest. The result: healthy and delicious fruit for discerning retailers -and their customers.

Full marketing support

Such an innovative product deserves complete marketing support. Distinctive packaging. Impactful displays. In-store sampling. Inspiring social media presence. And tailor-made promotions, designed with and for our retail partners.

Calinda is available from December to June
in 10x250g - 12x400g - 8x900g - 1kg

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Fresh Forward: masters of ennoblement.

As one of Europe’s most prestigeous strawberry refiners, Fresh Forward Breeding cemented a reputation with their Elsanta, Sonata, Rumba and Jive varieties: all targeted at the latest in sophisticated consumer needs, and brought to market under licence only after extensive product testing. For their latest masterpiece, Calinda, the specialists at Fresh Forward Breeding designed an extensive upgrading programme that spanned more than ten years, in both laboratory and field conditions. The result is well worth the wait, and is protected by a license delineating Plant Breeder’s Rights.

Mother plants: NAK Tuinbouw.

Cultivation of a new queen of strawberries began with elevating a mother generation, guaranteed to be free of disease by the health inspectors of NAK Tuinbouw: the only organisation in Holland capable of ensuring the original quality and integrity. The result: sustainable, homogeneous distinctiveness. It was NAK Tuinbouw who then took care of the registration and licensing of qualified nurserymen. Mother plants were individually propagated, within extremely strict parameters.

Getting ready for production: RAPO.

In order to bring Calinda from the laboratory to the market, propagation specialists RAPO must maintain a number of special fields where strawberry specialists take charge of production. Planted in March and nurtured throughout the spring and summer months, this first generation of Calinda spawns a second that can be pulled in October, ready to conquer the world.

A vital phase: delivery.

The pulled strawberry plants are trimmed, measured and sorted, before being bundled and packaged in cooled wooden crates, ready for a long trip to the Spanish cultivators who will complete the chain from nursery to retailer.

At the growers

By mid-October, carefully selected Spanish producers re-plant Calinda in properly dimensioned ridges: 55.000 plants to a hectare. After a month, protective plastic shields are put in place, in accordance with the detailed cultivation manual that accompanies Calinda during her development to maturity. Strict adherence to this manual is a prerequisite for all Calinda nurseries.


First, during November, there are succulent young leaves, soon followed by a sea of white flowers. These beg for pollination by the honey bees and bumblebees assigned to this task, and operating from hives placed between the (now covered over) beds. Just six weeks later, as a new calender year gets going, the first strawberries will be ripe for harvest. In February, pickers will be working overtime, after which production will tail off towards May.

Fields of learning.

Year-in, year-out the team members continue to refine their knowledge of Calinda, ensuring ever-more consistent supplies of ever-better quality fruit. Special fields for experimentation and testing are in use to further our understanding of Calinda: knowledge we then transparently share with all the nurseries involved in Calinda’s production.

Spot the Calinda difference.

Look no further than the long, sturdy stalks. The robust, pollen-laden flowers. The large, well-developed fruit. The open structure seemingly designed for easy picking –and consequently, for lower labour costs. The firm resistance to common diseases. The uniformly better-than-average yield, leading to predictability in harvest logistics. And, of course, the fabulous appearance and taste. Calinda is truly a magnificent strawberry.

Superb logistics.

Calinda may have an extended shelf life, but we still prefer maximum freshness upon arrival at the consumer’s home. That’s why Calinda never spends more than two hours in the field after picking. Cooled warehouses are used for storage, packaging and loading. High-speed climatised trucks deliver Calinda to Northern Europe within 36 hours of harvesting. It is the kind of service you deserve, and so does Calinda.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management

Calinda is highly resistant to fruit rot, crown rot, mildew and many other common plant diseases. Consequently, the use of chemical pesticides can be drastically reduced by embracing a balanced integration of less invasive, largely biological methods. The result: easy compliance with requirements for low residue, sustainable production. In fact…(read on)!

Next step: zero residue.

In collaboration with specialists at Zeyra and a selection of capable nurseries, we are currently working on experiments designed to further reduce residues in the near future. The goal: zero residue certification. Initial test results are extremely promising, and the produce obtained in this way will be brought to market by a number of deeply involved retailers.

Dress to impress.

A quality product like Calinda deserves a strong identity of its own at the place of purchase. Special packaging will lead consumers directly to the superior flavour and appearance of Calinda, and encourage repeat purchases. Special Fruit actively collborates with retailers in designing effective sales support tools.

In concrete terms, an appropriate marketing support package will be implemented, including distinctive packaging suitable to a premium product, graphic materials to promote sales, information for shop personnel etc. Naturally, all of this in consultation and collaboration with you as a major retail partner. We will be pleased to hear your proposals and delighted to share our own innovative ideas for maximum results.

Calinda is available from early January to late May in 10 x 250g and 12 x 400g

Special fruit - We help you grow your business.

Special Fruit has been an established player on the European market for year-round berries, exotic fruit and specialty vegetables for 25 years. Furthermore, Special Fruit is constantly on the look-out for new flavourful products and varieties and for innovative marketing concepts for its clients. Special Fruit is particularly concerned that its products are produced in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable manner. With its passion and in-depth knowledge of fruit and specialty vegetables, Special Fruit seeks to support its clients in expanding these categories in their own businesses.

Recipes and inspiration

The simplest way to experience the unique flavour and texture of Calida is: just pop one in your mouth. Alternatively, check out the package for some inspiring suggestions on serving and combining this new queen of strawberries with other foodstuffs.

Or better still: visit the Foodpairing website.  Foodpairing is a company that specialises in developing unexpected flavour combinations. Chefs (and indeed bartenders) in search of instant inspiration frequently consult Foodpairing for the new ideas, exciting combo's and unexpected titillations of the taste buds that contemporary, adventurous consumers seek -and find.

So check out the website, and prepare to be delighted! There's even an interactive input option in which you provide a taste parameter/ingredient, and Foodpairing does the rest. Delicious!

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